Most Amazing Natural Wonders

Coral pinnacles at Mono Lake Tufa Lake,

Coral pinnacles at Mono Lake Tufa Lake, Sierra Nevada. As the last of the lake basin, Mono Lake store water in large quantities but can not flow properly. The only natural process that occurs is “evaporation”, which resulted in the amount of water slowly reduced until the limestone rocks this look.


Stone elephant images

Stone elephant at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada – Sandstone looks like an elephant by chance


The Moeraki Boulders pictures

The Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand , a round stone giant size is formed on the sea floor, but now can be seen on the beach because of erosion that occurred over the centuries.


Swimming beauty pictures

Swimming beauty, Yellowstone National Park – hot springs this store colorful algae resulting in beautiful color effect when viewed from the surface.

Giant Blue Hole pictures

Giant Blue Hole


Giant Blue Hole in Belize – A wide hole with a depth of 984 feet to 407 feet are in Belize. This hole is formed as a phenomenon in the ice age which resulted in changes in sea level that is much lower.


Pink Lake Pictures

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, Hiller, Western Australia – Scientists have concluded that the pink color of this arises because of the growth of algae at the bottom of the lake which resulted in a unique color phenomena


Balls Pyramid pictures

This stone hill rises 562 meters, making it the highest in the world towering rock. You can find it on Lord Howe, New South Wales, Australia


Stone Walk  pictures

Stone Walk in Death Valley, California – this geological phenomenon is still a puzzle for scientists. How come? These stones can move on its own, but its surface is fairly flat.


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