Arrogant Worms Happy Birthday

Arrogant Worms Happy Birthday

Arrogant Worms Happy Birthday

Arrogant Worms Happy Birthday: With silly hats and plastic plates, The truth that you had been equipped to generate, Another trip around the solar, And also the whole clan gathers round , And items and laughter do abound, And we let out a joyful audio, And sing that silly track

Joyful birthday!
Now you might be one particular year older
Happy birthday!
Your daily life even now is just not in excess of
Happy birthday!
You did not attained significantly
However, you did not die this 12 months
I guess that is fantastic sufficient
Arrogant Worms Joyful Birthday,THE Happy Satisfied BIRTHDAY Tune

So let us drink towards your fading health and fitness
And hope you do not remind oneself
your chance of locating fame and prosperity
Decrease with each and every year
Will it really feel like you’re carrying out laps
And ingesting food items and using naps
And hoping that someday most likely
Your life will keep some cheer

Satisfied birthday!
What have you carried out that matters?
Joyful birthday!
You might be commencing for getting fatter
Delighted birthday!
It’s downhill any longer
Try out not to remind yourself
Your very best years are all gone

If cryogenics were being all free
Then you definitely could reside like Walt Disney
And reside for all eternity
Within a block of ice
But as a substitute your time and energy is about
This is actually the only everyday living you receive
And while it hasn’t finished nonetheless
Occasionally you want it would

Content birthday!
You wish you had a lot more money
Pleased birthday!
Your life’s so unhappy it is funny
Joyful birthday!
How much much more could you acquire?
But your pals are hungry
So just cut the silly cake

Delighted birthday!
Satisfied birthday!
Happy birthday!
Joyful birthday, expensive…

Random contacting out of names, which includes Ralph, Bill, Ralph Kramden,
Skippy, the bush kangaroo, and the b-b-b-b-b-bu-bu-bu- that prospects into


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