Donald Trump competition coming closer: new tracking survey

Donald Trump competition coming closer: new tracking survey

Donald Trump competition coming closer: new tracking surveyBefore the Washington-day election, ABC News poll finds signs of Hillary Clinton weakness. Clinton real estate conglomerate Donald Trump will vote on battlefield status on Saturday and Sunday.

“Potential voters are currently in Clinton’s 47% and interviews Monday through Thursday, 43% on Trump, Sampling on Clinton’s 47-44 margin on the last four waves, and similar ranges, but within the lead The gap between the candidates in last week’s Grizzlies has ticked at 4 percent to 3 percent in the latest wave, with Gary Johnson’s support of the liberal Gary Johnson, while standing at the same throughout last week at 2 percent. Clinton shows weakness at closing I’m doing it. ”

Clinton said: “The candidate has no Trump trail with a 5 point honest and trustworthy question, and she holds a significant advantage among those who have already voted nationwide, and among those who have not yet voted, Trump supporters propose “very closely” that they are likely to say they are following the contest and they can turn it off at a higher pace.

METHODOLGY said, “This Washington Post – ABC News poll conducted on November 31st, November 31st in mobile phones and landlines. Of the 1419 possible sample of voters, 3, 2016, and plus the sampling error of negative 3 percentage points Sampling, data collection and aggregation by New York’s Abt-SRBI. “


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